asked questions

When is the studio opening?

Our studio will be opening this summer right under Hot Yoga East Nashville at 807 Main Street B Nashville, TN 37206.

What will be inside the space?

Our 3,000 ft sq ft studio will feature a 50-person sauna and 20-person cold pool. There will also be individual private plunge rooms and a VIP room with their sauna and cold tub for up to 4 people. Read more about our space here.

What kind of services will you be offering?

We will have guided and free flow classes. Our guided classes will begin with breathwork followed by sessions in our group sauna and cold tub rooms. Free flow gives you the opportunity to enjoy the space at your own time, space, and within your desired practice.Our space has the option to reserve private plunge rooms, and a VIP room with their sauna and cold tub for up to 4 people. Read more here.

What kind of breath work will be going on?

These breath exercises will be equally activating and relaxing, and it will stimulate both branches of the Autonomic Nervous System - the Sympathetic and Para-Sympathetic branches. We’ve been told that we should avoid a stressed state (Sympathetic), but in fact, both sides are just important in our lives. The key is being able to regulate or flip the switch between activation and calm when the time is right to be at rest. The practice will help you take control of your breathe.

Who leads the classes?

You are not alone! Our guided classes are led by our certified Lolu Teachers. Each are XPT (Performance Breathing Certification) and CPR certified.